Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I love halloween. I have so many good memories of halloween. It's fun, being scared and excited at the same time. I think halloween was the first real independence I can remember feeling as a child. I was with my friends, on my street, with a pillowcase, all dressed up, and completely left to my own devices for an indetermined amount of time. It was thrilling then and still bring a smile to my face. 

My dad would be all dressed up and sitting in a chair in front of the house handing out candy to all the kids from the neighborhood. Trying to ease the worries of the younger ones that it would be ok to come and get candy. It was a time when I could see out in the open the truly gentle nature of my father. Mom was always dealing with my little brother. He was a toddler at the time. 

After the thrill of trick or treating came the annual pouring of all the candy on the floor to sift out the " iffy" pieces and the pieces we didn't want. One thing I always wonderend and never understood was why people insisted on making those popocorn balls after the movie halloween came out. They knew that neither would we eat them willingly or, our parents allow us to eat them. Seemed like a wasted effort even to a nine year old. 

I also remember my "last" halloween. I was about fourteen, with the same friends, and in the same neighborhood. Our domain had now grown two streets over and we barely put any effort into our costuming. We came to one house and the lady answered the door with, " aren't you two a little old to be trick or treating?" Then it was over, and for several years it became haunted houses and scary movies.
In college my teacher would let me come over to his house and give out candy. He lived in a nieghborhood and kids were everywhere all at once, " It was back!" 

Now I have a little one and I am always a little too excited about all the holidays. I love hearing him pick out his coustume and to see the scrunch of his little nose when he puts his hand in the pumpkin. 

One thing is noticably different now though. It seems like I won't be able to pass on that spirit of independence to him because of they world is now. Now we take our kids to the mall, and to trunk or treat to make sure that they are safe. 

I am going to fight it though. I plan on in a few years sitting on the front lawn in a chair trying to ease the worries of the young ones that it will be ok to come and get a piece of candy, I am also going to let my son go with a friend or two up down our street and feel the ture joy of a kid at halloween. 

Happy halloween everyone, god bless.//