Saturday, July 13, 2013

A new week. A new life, and a new pain in left knee.

It has begun! 

We have moved and unpacked, well kind of.... 

This has been a challenging week and has also been full of new starts, ideas, and pathways for both myself and my son that I am very excited about. I have also come to understand that kids are kids and if I could establish solid relationships in one place I can do it again and again. I am going to have to teach my butt off but, it will be so fun. It is amazing how distance can empower and make you feel more in control. 

There are a lot things to figure out here but I am going to do it with a new perspective. 

I am not going to let my thoughts scare and intimidate me into not trying new things or being successful. My lizard brain will not win this one. 

On another note... 

My little boy is already showing signs of being different in only a week. Some good, some bad. He has been through a lot already and is going though even more now. I hope one day I am as tough and resilient while being as lovable and happy as anyone can be. He is truly a great little guy. 

One funny story...

Yesterday I was putting together his bed while he was downstairs playing. I would check on him to make sure things were ok. I screwed in a side board and peeked out. Everything seemed to be fine but, as I looked closer I noticed something. HE WAS NAKED from the waist down. When I asked why he had no pants on he looked at me and said, " I spilled on them."  It seems that when we spill something on ourselves the right thing to do is just take that piece of clothes immediately. 

If this were true however I would end most meals with my shirt off. 

Take Care and have a good week. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The times they are a changin'

Well things are definitely changing around these parts. 

Everything is changing. 

My son, my job, my living situation, my outlook, my attitude, and my financial situation. 

All of this change is kind of scary but, it is really exciting too. The life I have built here has traveled its course and I am ok with it. With my divorce and this learning to live on my own has caused me  to watch the world change without changing myself. 

I have felt stuck in an a movie where everyone tells me I am supposed to feel different and everything is going to get better but nothing changes for me but the situations. 

It has gotten better in some ways,  but not in others. Time to shake things up!

I am doing well in one aspect of my life. My son and I are moving in the right direction. He is more verbal and articulate, he is happy, he is catching up to other children his age scholastically, and our relationship is so great.  I am truly fortunate to have such a sweet and caring son. 

I am also excited to try something new professionally. I really do love the guys I worked with like my brothers and I will miss them. 

However, I am excited for new experiences, ideas, and a new atmosphere. I have  found that sometimes there is too much history. It keeps people from evolving or being able to evolve because of past events. This eventually makes it so no matter how you act or react it is perceived with a slant of how it would have been handled in the past. We live and we learn, hopefully.

I am so ready for this change! It is going to be an awesome ride!